Microsoft's free AI tutor: learn & Read by own adventure

By Mahima January 19, 2024


In the new year 2024, Microsoft has improved its AI offerings, such as unveiling CoPilot Pro, rebranding its AI image generator, and expanding availability.

Reading Coach

Microsoft introduced an improved reading coach leveraging generative AI to provide new personalized and engaging reading experiences to students of all ages.

Can make a story

In addition to choosing from pre-written stories, students can now use generative AI to create a story.

what needs to be done

To create their story, students must first choose a protagonist, setting, genre, and reading level.

Can start reading

Then, once the story is ready, users can begin reading it, and the microphone will pick up their audio for feedback on the words for pronunciation and practice.

The story can be changed

As students read, they will also be prompted to choose from different narrative paths to change the story's progression.

student-friendly Platform

Because generative AI has a risk of causing hallucinations, and to keep the platform student-friendly, Story for Age Appropriateness, quality, guardrails, according to the release.

Achievements page

Students can also access the Achievements page to view their progress and accumulated badges.

Login Site

If you want to try out this AI-powered learning tool, you can preview Reading Coach for free from

Learning objectives

Microsoft also introduced new features in Microsoft Teams for Education using AI to create assignments with rubrics, key content, learning objectives, and more.