9 Free AI Courses from NVIDIA for Skill Enhancement

Published by Rickey 28 Mar 2024

NVIDIA, the AI computing pioneer, provides free courses to equip learners with advanced AI knowledge and skills, shaping the future of AI education through extensive learning opportunities.

Generative AI, or GenAI, uses advanced models like LLMs and GANs to produce new content from data, blending human creativity with AI, as explored in "Generative AI Explained

1. Generative AI

It offers a quick dive into AI's advancements, focusing on creating neural networks for tasks like image classification, mirroring human learning processes.

2. Building A Brain in 10 Minutes

This course teaches integrating LLMs with external data for up-to-date responses, covering technical implementation and ensuring relevance of retrieved information.

3. Augment your LLM with Retrieval Augmented Generation

This course examines how AI applications necessitate advanced infrastructure, covering machine learning, failure prediction, energy efficiency, and automation in data center operations.

4. AI in the Data Center

This course introduces a coding-free approach to data science, teaching GPU-accelerated library application for efficient workflows, targeting professionals without deep coding skills, and possibly covering the RAPIDS ecosystem.

5. Streamlining Data Analysis

It offers insights into digital marketing with a focus on consumer behavior, covering data analysis, algorithm development, and personalization to boost sales.

6. Mastering Recommender Systems

It offers essential insights into network infrastructure basics, covering network types, components, and key models like OSI and TCP/IP, vital for modern communication.

7. Networking Introduction

This course dives into large-scale image classification, covering classical methods, validation strategies, and neural network architectures like CNNs, essential for computer vision applications.

8. Perform Large-Scale Image Classification

Learn to build intelligent RAG agents with LLMs in this workshop, enhancing user interaction and query handling by combining internal reasoning and external data.

9. Building RAG Agents with LLMs