6 Must-Attend AI/ML Hackathons in 2024

Published by Rickey 24 Mar 2024

Explore AI and ML's thrilling realm through top global hackathons in 2024, where tech enthusiasts unite, showcasing skills, collaborating on innovative projects, and vying for exciting prizes and networking opportunities.

Fill in someParticipate in DARPG's Hackathon for Citizen Grievance Solutions. Innovate for cash prizes up to Rs 2 lakh. Open to teams of 5, with registration on Janparichay. Winning ideas may be implemented. text

Data Science Student Championship

MachineHack and Praxis Tech invite students to the 'Data Science Student Championship.' Winners of this India-wide hackathon get up to Rs 25,000, showcasing their skills to top firms.

Google AI Hackathon

Join the Google AI Hackathon to create apps with Gemini for a chance to win $50,000, Google recognition, and team meetings. Prizes for creativity, value, and impact. Submit your app demo.

ISB Hackathon 2024

ISB and CyberPeace Foundation's Hackathon 2024, March-July, focuses on AI to tackle deep fake challenges, offering teams a chance to innovate and win at ISB Hyderabad.

Advanced RAG Hackathon

Join the Advanced RAG Hackathon to create RAG apps and chatbots using Vectara and more, with a week of workshops, a $14,000 prize pool, and networking on lablab.ai from April 12.