10 Remote Fellowships for Mid-Career Professionals

Published by Rickey 26 Mar 2024

In today's fast-paced vocational landscape, mid-career professionals must upgrade their skills. While in-person fellowships can be challenging, many remote opportunities exist to enhance careers without disrupting personal responsibilities.

Annually, the Acumen UK Fellowship trains ~20 diverse leaders in a fully-funded program to tackle poverty, joining The Foundry's global network post-completion.

1. Acumen UK Fellowship

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity is a global, year-long, part-time fellowship at George Washington University focusing on health equity leadership and change.

2. Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity

20 leaders from South Africa and the U.S. engage in a transformative program at Columbia University and Nelson Mandela Foundation for social change.

3. Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity

Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity offers a 7-week LSE course, covering travel and living costs, for experienced inequality fighters.

4. Atlantic Non-Residential Fellows

EFLP offers a five-month program for Nigerian women (25-45) aspiring to legislative roles, including a one-week Abuja residency, targeting professionals interested in politics.

5. ElectHer Future Lawmakers Program

The Gratitude Network Fellowship offers a year-long program for leaders of child and youth-focused social enterprises, providing coaching, advice, and community support.

6. Gratitude Network Fellowship

Mira Fellowship offers a 6-month remote program for global mid-career professionals to develop visions for change, including coaching, funding, and networking opportunities.

7. Mira Fellowship

Landecker Fellowship annually unites diverse leaders to create democracy-enhancing projects, offering guidance, a €10,000 stipend, and €5,000 seed funding, covering all related expenses.

8. Landecker Democracy Fellowship

Next Generation Radio is a 5-day hybrid digital journalism project, offering mentorship to produce audio and multimedia stories, open to applicants with digital media experience.

9 . NPR Next Gen Radio

The Obama Foundation Leaders Program is a 6-month global leadership initiative for ages 24-45, offering coaching, community, and a values-based leadership focus.

10. Obama Foundation Leaders Program