Will AI replace physicians' 'intuition'?

By Mahima December 21, 2023

Health care workers' intuition into effective clinical care has been repeatedly verified in numerous reports worldwide.

From doctors' ability to detect sepsis in critically ill children to nurses' concern about 'vital signs' as a patient's condition worsens.

Intuition appears to play a big role in helping high-risk patients Whereas the information obtained from data or computer suggests adopting another method of treatment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already begun to transform health care and the health sector will continue to consider AI innovation in 2024 and beyond. 

In a rapidly changing technological world, questions arise about what role these human guesses will play in health care and whether AI is going to supersede the ‘gut feeling’ of doctors.

What is AI in healthcare and when is it used?

AI in health care involves rule which is-based on 'specialized systems' which use in defined knowledge-based on rules and 'robotic process automation' to solve problem. 

Other forms of AI used in health care include robots, natural language processing, and machine learning.Robots can help surgeons in carrying and storing medical supplies, lifting patients and other tasks.

A hospital in Finland has launched a seven billion euro project that will be completed in 2028 in which robots will be used to perform tasks such as measuring patients' pulse, temperature and oxygen concentration.

Machine learning in health care can identify trends that humans might miss, such as improving survival of stomach cancer patients,What AI cannot do is follow a healthcare professional’s ‘gut feeling’.

There are also privacy concerns associated with such AI applications. A better description of role of the Artificial intelligent (AI) in health care in the future might be.

AI will not replace doctors, but those doctors will replace those who do not use artificial intelligence. AI has given us a useful gift: An opportunity to explore which aspects of human intelligence.