Why Do We See AI On Instagram And Flipkart

By Mahima December 29, 2023

The word AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is very much in vogue. You might have seen  these word when you swip reels on Instagram or and social media platform. You also seen such photos or videos with the help of AI there. 

Have you ever wondered that you watch a video with great attention on Facebook or Instagram, then how come the same videos keep appearing in your feed continuously? 

Or if you search something on Amazon or Flipkart even if you have not purchased that thing, then how do you start seeing its advertisements again and again on your Facebook-Instagram or in any game?

All this happens because of AI. Actually, social media companies uses such AI to understand the interest and patterns of there users and collect their data. By using such data, they show that advertisements or feeds to the user.

Recently, an AI tool named ChatGPT was also much discussed. ChatGPT is a platform where if you ask any question, you get a written answer to it.

If you have to write an essay of 400 words on any topic, then ChatGPT will write it for you immediately. Children uses this tool mostly times to do their homework. 

Some people even believe that it is a replacement for Google. However, it is too early to say this because ChatGPT still has many flaws and you cannot trust it completely.

However, if you use an Android smartphone then your phone will also have Google Assistant. Google is making this tool so advanced that in future you will be able to do many important tasks easily with its help. 

For example, you will not need to talk to yourself to book a table in a restaurant or make a doctor's appointment. This will turn you into Google Assistant. And the technology by which all this will be possible is Artificial Intelligence.