What skills do AI engineers need?

By Mahima December 13, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world we live in. It is at the forefront of the huge wave of digital transformation we are seeing around the world. 

Skills in artificial intelligence (AI) lead to careers that are driving change in many areas of rapid growth and its capabilities are demanded by almost every industry. 

So, it's no surprise that research shows that the demand for workers with expert AI skills and machine learning knowledge has tripled between 2015 and 2019.

However, there is a skills shortage worldwide in the field of AI. Respondents ranked that number one challenge to adoption of AI and machine learning for employees

So what skills do you need to get a job in Artificial Intelligence? Here are our 5 essential skills to get a job in Artificial Intelligence.


Whatever Artificial Intelligence career you want to pursue, developing a strong knowledge of programming languages is an important skill you need to utilize.

Data Processing

AI job seekers must not only manage large amounts of data but also use machine learning techniques to use it faster and more efficiently.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to act in a way that we consider 'smart'. Machine learning is the method we use to make this a reality.


Such autonomous technologies perform tasks for us, but also respond to our inputs and our commands. As such systems become increasingly capable, artificial intelligence experts.

 Problem Solution

AI and computer science more broadly can be seen as a way to solve problems. From small things like which piece of code to feed into AI to finding automated solutions.