What is special about Groke AI?

By Mahima December 18, 2023

Groke AI chatbot of Elon Musk's company xAI has now gone live in India too. Except India, the company has launched this chatbot live in 46 countries.

A week ago Elon Musk shared the news of launch of Groke AI in the US. Now this chatbot is also available on X Premium Plus users in India also. 

it state that users who paid Rs 1,300 monthly or Rs 13,600 annually are started getting this.

What is special about Groke AI?

The specialty of this AI tool of Elon Musk's company is thai it can do answers questions with humor. 

Besides, this is trained with Twitter data and this can also give you real-time information.

That means, if you want to know about someone's tweet or what that person has posted recently, then you can ask this to the chatbot.

Grok is based on xAI's proprietary large language model (LLM) known as Grok-0. 

Grok-0 is trained up to 33 billion parameters even it can outperform the GPT 3.5 language model.

Feature will be available on X soon

Elon Musk want to make Twitter 'the everything app'. So oon Musk is will provide payment facility for there users on X too. 

According to a report, X has already successfully obtained a money-transmitter license in Pennsylvania.


To start payment service in India, Musk's company will also have to obtain a license.