What is Google Gemini Ai

By Mahima December 20, 2023

Google has launched Gemini, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can intelligently understand and talk.

AI can understand about almost any type of signal – images, text, speech, music, computer code and more. 

Multimodal Model

This type of AI system is known as a multimodal model. Gemini is proof of how powerful AI really is and how far it has the potential to go.

To develop new capabilities, AI systems are highly dependent on the type of "training" data they have access to.

They are exposed to this data to help them improve their work, including drawing conclusions like recognizing a face in a picture or writing an essay.

Why is Gemini special?

At the moment, the data that Google, OpenAI, Meta and other companies train their models on is still mainly obtained from digital information on the Internet. 

However, efforts are being made to radically expand the scope of data on which AI can operate.

Real Time Data

Google's new Gemini system has shown that it can understand real-time data such as live video and human speech. 

With new data and sensors, AI will be able to observe, discuss and take action on events happening in the real world.