What is ChatGPT, How Does It Work?

By Mahima December 15, 2023

Whenever we search anything on Google, it lists the relevant and suitable content from the innumerable web pages. After that, we get information which we required based on the suggested links. 

Google Search


But, ChatGPT is going to change this experience completely. Developed by artificial intelligence research firm OpenAI, this chatbot uses AI to not only answer all the questions of the users, but also communicate like a human. 

Facts Checks

ChatGPT also checks the validity and relevance of the questions which we asked. This is a personal tutor who can be considered an expert in all subjects.

Revolutionary Change

It's a dialogue based AI chatbot, which even understands normal human language. Not Only this ChatGPT can also perform tasks like like a human. 

Open AI

According to OpenAI, the ChatGPT model is developed based on the machine learning technique and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). 

Counter Questions

Along with sdialogue based AI chatbot, it can also answers yours questions and counter-questions. ChatGpt helps in refusing to answer unethical and illegal questions. text

Artificial Intelligence

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This system of AI and machine learning technology helps in provides information and answers questions through the conversation. You Should Know tha AI has been trained with content taken extensively from the Internet.


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The special thing is that within just five days of its launch for public use, more than 10 lakh users have signed up on it, which is the fastest pace of reaching users on any internet platform.