What is a UFO? Where do UFOs come from

By Mahima December 30, 2023

UFO means unidentified flying object. We know UFO as flying saucer in Hindi. UFOs are considered to be sophisticated spacecraft of alien visitors to Earth. 

Therefore, the term UFO can be used to refer to any type of object or phenomenon that has not been observed in an area before. These appear like a disk. This is why we call them flying saucers.

Sometimes only one is visible and sometimes we see many flying saucers flying together. As we all know, there are many myths related to it. The most popular belief is that aliens fly in them, or they come from other planets.

Where do UFOs come from?

It is believed that UFOs come from another world. These are considered to be the airplanes of “aliens” in which they travel. However, no concrete evidence has been found yet to prove the existence of UFOs. 

Scientists say that even if the existence of UFOs has not been proven yet, we should not completely dismiss such possibilities.

This happened for the first time on June 24, 1947, when something was seen flying near Washington, America. Businessman Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen a group of high-speed, crescent-shaped, flying objects while piloting his plane near Mount Rainier in Washington.

There was a sensation after this incident at that time. It was claimed that 9 UFOs were flying in the air simultaneously. Because of this incident, World UFO Day is also celebrated on 24 June and 2 July.

Despite all the research, the existence of any kind of alien or UFO has not been officially confirmed yet. However, scientists say that nothing can be completely ruled out considering the possibilities present in the universe.xt