What does an AI Engineer do?

By Mahima December 13, 2023

Many of the tasks of an AI engineer match those of a machine learning engineer. Some responsibilities of an AI engineer include:

 Coordinating with business leaders and software development teams to determine which business processes can be improved using AI

Building and maintaining the AI development process and the infrastructure that runs on it.

Applying machine learning techniques to image recognition.

Applying natural language processing techniques to text and voice transcripts to gain insights and analysis from this data.

Building and maintaining chatbots that interact with customers.

Developing AI-powered solutions that mimic human behavior to complete repetitive tasks currently performed by people.

Building, training, and improving machine learning models.

Simplifying the machine learning process so that other business applications can interact with them using APIs.

Creating recommendation engines for shopping sites, streaming services, and other applications.

 Developing data pipelines that streamline the process of transforming raw data into the structured data needed for AI processes.