Top 9 Leading Gen AI tools for businesses

By Rickey Novemebr 1, 2023

Gen AI Tools aids businesses by automating workflows and coding.

1. AlphaCode

Utilizes LLM(s) to generate code

2. DALL-E 2

AI system generates Art from text description.

3. GitHub Copilot

Suggests lines, functions in editor.

4. Google Bard

AI helps learn, helps you imagine more possibilities in less time.

5. ChatGPT

AI helps learn, helps you imagine more possibilities.

6. Claude 2

Advanced AI for any task scale.

7. Sensei

Challenge KataGo, Analyze games, Discuss moves

8. Generative Design

AI-optimized 3D model creation through cloud computing

9. Synthesia

Create videos without equipment or actors.

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