Top 9 Global Tech Job Coding Skills

By Rickey December 8, 2023

Skills and programming languages needed for sought-after technology positions on a global scale.

Machine learning and AI revolutionize industries; Python coding, TensorFlow, and PyTorch expertise are vital for model development.

1. AI & ML 

Python's versatility and readability make it a must-know language, crucial in web development, data science, AI, and automation.

2. Python

JS is essential for dynamic web content, especially for front-end developers who require React and Angular expertise.

3. JavaScript

A programming stalwart, remains essential for enterprise apps due to its platform independence and scalability.

4. Java

SQL is vital for database management, sought-after in data science, business intelligence, and backend development roles.

5. SQL

Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP are crucial, offering scalability and flexibility, revolutionizing business operations.

6. Cloud Computing

As cyber threats rise, organizations value coding skills in ethical hacking, secure coding, and vulnerability assessment.

7. Cybersecurity

DevOps streamlines teamwork, focusing on automation, CI/CD, scripting in Bash/PowerShell, and tools like Jenkins and Ansible.

8. DevOps

A JS framework, simplifies cross-platform mobile app development, making it a valuable skill with growing demand.

9. React Native