Top 7 Free Google Machine Learning Courses

Published by Rickey 1 Apr 2024

In 2024, major tech companies present free Google courses to train individuals for Machine Learning excellence. Discover the top 7 courses shaping future Machine Learning Engineers:

1. Introduction to Machine Learning

Start with covering types, fundamentals of supervised learning, and how it diverges from traditional problem-solving.

2. Machine Learning Crash Course

This Course offers hands-on TensorFlow training, exploring algorithms, engineering, and real-world applications of machine learning.

3. Machine Learning Problem Framing

This Course teaches evaluating machine learning necessity, selecting models, and defining success measures for real-world issues.

4. Data Preparation and Feature Engineering

This Course teaches data understanding, impactful feature engineering, data transformation, handling unbalanced, categorical, and numerical data for machine learning.

5. Testing and Debugging

This Course teaches Learn to resolve model issues, practice testing for debugging, improve, and monitor metrics

6. Clustering

A top unsupervised learning algorithm, in the practical Clustering course covering data preparation, similarity, K-means, and algorithm output analysis.

7. Recommendation Systems

Learn to build recommendation systems with the Recommendation Systems course, covering their components and implementing algorithms in TensorFlow, impacting daily life from Netflix to Amazon.