Top 10 Women Pioneers in Data Science

Published by Rickey 19th Mar 2024

Despite facing gender biases and obstacles, many women have emerged as leaders in Data Science, inspiring others to pursue their passions and succeed in this male-dominated field.

A  machine learning pioneer and CEO of Insitro, aims to merge biomedicine with AI to develop innovative, cost-effective therapies quickly and safely for widespread societal benefit.

1.Daphne Koller 

At Caltech and NVIDIA, she leads in machine learning, blending theory with practice and pioneering in unsupervised AI and cloud ML, previously enhancing Amazon's cloud services as a principal scientist.

2. Anima Anandkumar 

She is UNESCO Chair in Data Science at Essex, champions data's role in equality and sustainable development as the institute's director.

3. Prof. Maria Fasli

Coursera's Data Science Lead with a Harvard PhD in Economics and many awards, enhances learning through data-driven methods and hosts the DataHack Radio podcast.

4. Emily Glassberg Sands

A mathematician and data scientist, founded algorithmic auditing firm ORCAA, authored 'Weapons of Math Destruction,' writes for major outlets, and speaks on big data's risks.

5. Cathy O’Neil

She is former Jawbone VP and LinkedIn Senior Data Scientist, now advises on AI and data science, leveraging data for strategic gains, and guest lectures at Stanford.

6. Monica Rogati

Danai Koutra, winning the SIGKDD Rising Star Award, became an Associate Professor at Michigan, known for data mining research and serves as Michigan Institute's Associate Director.

7. Danai Koutra

She is founder of DATAcated, specializes in data visualization, authoring four books on the subject, making her the expert to consult for mastering data visualization skills.

8. Kate Strachnyi

With over 17 years in data science and 20 patents in user experience, Mathangi recently authored a book on NLP with Python and serves as CDO at CredAvenue.

9. Mathangi Sri 

A Senior Data Scientist at Operam, is renowned on LinkedIn for guiding emerging Data Scientists, regularly sharing advice and insights to help them succeed.

10. Sarah Nooravi