Top 10 Machine Learning Stocks in India

By Mahima January 17, 2023

Machine Learning Stocks 

Best Machine Learning Stocks to Buy in 023 refer to company stocks that are actively involved in developing, applying, or using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Overview of Machine Learning Stocks

Here's everything you need to know and understand about machine learning stocks and their companies before investing in them:

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Tata Consulting Services, or TCS, provides business and IT solutions. TCS works in more than 150 sites and partners with renowned and top businesses around the world.

Tata Elxsi Limited.

A technology and design firm focused on automation, communications, healthcare, transportation and broadcasting is called Tata Elxsi.

To tolerate

Apple is a multinational technology firm that provides consumer communications, acquisitions and transactions through a proprietary platform for consumer intelligence.


The company is into various segments which include appliances, entertainment, cooking, dishwashers, refrigerators, laundry etc. 

Title 3Persistent Systems Limited

Persistent Systems Ltd. is into digital engineering for various industries and enterprises worldwide. It has also been recognized as this year's Google Cloud 2023 Social Impact Partner. 

KPIT Technologies

KPIT is a global leader in the mobility and automotive sector, focused on designing software-designed vehicles.  

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited.

Oracle is a data  cloud services company that focused on improving consumer needs. 

Kelton Tech Solutions Limited.

Kelton, a born-digital technology and information technology consulting and services firm, is committed to providing excellent business and cutting-edge solutions. 

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited.

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited is a company that specializes in data analytics, big data, cloud services and mobile for enterprises. is a leading AI provider and supports the creation of AI applications.