Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps 2023

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1. TikTok

Downloads: 672 Million Revenue:  $9.4 billion Owner: ByteDance

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Downloads: 548 Million Revenue:  $51.4 billion Owner: Facebook

Downloads: 449 Million Revenue:  $116.8 billion Owner: Meta

Downloads:424 Million Revenue:$906 million Owner:Facebook


Downloads:357 Million Revenue:$800,000 Owner:ByteDance

Downloads:330 Million Revenue:$4.6 billion Owner:Snap Inc.

Downloads:310 Million Revenue:NA Owner:Nikolai and Pavel Durov

Downloads:304 Million Revenue:$155 Milion Owner:Tencent

Downloads:254 Million Revenue:$155 million Owner:Scopely

Downloads:238 Million Revenue:€11.72 billion Owner:Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon