Study of AI: Benefits Of Doing AI Courses With Job

By Mahima january 4, 2024

These days, many people want to learn some other skill while working, studying or doing business or while staying at home. 

But to do a regular course one has to go to an institute and it also requires a lot of time. 

In such a situation, people who do not have time, they do short term courses. 

These are completely online. Most of these courses are such that to complete them one does not have to sit in front of the computer at any particular time. 

These courses can be done as per your time. Apart from the state and central government, these courses are also offered by companies like Google, IBM, Reuters. 

Some courses are completely free while others require a fee. This fee can range from Rs 500 to Rs 15 thousand or more. 

Some courses are free but if you want a certificate after completion, you have to pay some amount.

These completely free courses can be useful

Many companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft have released various types of AI courses. These courses are online and completely free.

These courses can help in moving forward in career. These courses are in English. There is no special qualification to do these. 

Must have understanding of English and computers. A good job can be achieved by adding these courses in the resume.