Scientists Solved These 8 Historical Mysteries in 2023

By Mahima December 28, 2023

Learn how long-standing historical puzzles are being solved as the scientists take advantage of breakthroughs in AI, new expertise and machine learning. 

These all mysteries, which were once anomalies, are now coming out into open. Let's find out about the top historical mysteries that made the headlines as they were solved by scientists in the year 2023.

5000-year-old truth

Archaeologists in Seville, Spain, found a crystal dagger as well as a 5,000-year-old female skeleton, believed to be that of a young man. DNA testing overturned this belief, revealing the true gender. 

Decoded Herculaneum scrolls with AI

AI and tomography, which peer inside 3D objects, were helpful in predicting and extracting the meaning of text. Next step involves deciphering script to accurately decipher language encoded.a

Insights from the Otzi mummy

The 5300-year-old mummy of Ötzi, has had its DNA analyzed, challenging previous assumptions about his appearance. Scientific analyzes provided information about their diet, lifestyle and health.

Secrets of Machu Picchu

The mysteries of Machu Picchu have long attracted explorers.The revelations provided a deeper understanding of the layout of Machu Picchu and its role in the Incan civilization.

Riddles of Nazca lines 

The purpose of the Nazca Lines remained unclear until this year when an AI algorithm analyzed the complex geoglyph. The Nazca Lines continue to reveal their agricultural secrets.

Enigma of Stonehenge

Stonehenge has puzzled historians and archaeologists alike. Using advanced imaging techniques, scientists understood Stonehenge's astronomical connections.

Roman concrete's hidden secrets

Roman concrete which is known as opus camantisium, was durable material used in ancient Rome. Research has revealed the secret of its strength and longevity. 

old pendant's genetic revelations

Scientists extracted DNA from a deer bone in Siberia, establishing a possible genetic link between Native Americans and Eurasian groups related to the first Americans. t