SAMBHAV: What is the secure mobile ecosystem 'Sambhav', launched by the Indian Army?

By Mahima January 15, 2024

Strengthening India's self-reliant resolve, the Indian Army has developed an indigenously developed "end-to-end secure mobile ecosystem with instant connectivity on the move, named 'SAMBHAV' .

'SAMBHAV' (Secure Army Mobile Bharat Version) has been developed in collaboration with national centers of excellence in academia and industry.

 Its development has significantly enhanced India's defense capabilities. Also, this development reflects the self-reliant determination of PM Modi.

What is 'possible'?

'Sambhaav' is an indigenously developed secure, end-to-end mobile ecosystem. Which has been developed on 5G technology. It has been developed to fulfill infrastructure and civil-military purposes.

'Sambhaav' has been developed on commercial cellular networks rather than private networks.

What is the objective of development of 'Sambhaav':

The development of 'Sambhaav' technology aims to solve the information security challenges faced by the Indian Army. 

Besides, its development will also help in the development of a secure communication ecosystem. 

This system is equipped with "end-to-end security" and state-of-the-art 5G technology has been used in it.

This system can play an especially important role in tactical scenarios where secure lines are a major issue. The encrypted ecosystem ensures data security due to multilayer encryption.

35,000 sets will be deployed:

The technology has been developed in line with the Government of India's vision of "dual-use infrastructure" and "civil-military partnership."

In its first rollout, it is planned to deploy 35,000 sets in two phases. 2,500 by January 15 and 31 by 15 January. The remaining sets will be deployed by May.

How 'Sambhaav' will help:

"There is always a risk of data leakage in mobile network communication. 

'Sambhaav' system technology strengthens the end-to-end secure mobile eco-system. The system strengthens the fast connectivity eco-system on the go .

For this, Command Cyber Operations Support Wing (CCOSW) is being established which increases cyber security capability. According to a report, six CCOSW are being established for all commands.

Besides, special training will also be given to the personnel associated with this.