Russian Hackers Target Microsoft's Core Systems

Russian state-sponsored hackers infiltrated Microsoft's critical systems, a more serious breach than initially disclosed.

The hackers accessed Microsoft's source code repositories, exploiting corporate secrets for potentially damaging follow-on attacks.

Source code, the blueprint of software, is highly sought after by corporations and spies, making its breach a significant threat.

The breach's full scope remains unclear, yet it's part of a broader Kremlin-supported intelligence-gathering operation.

This group was behind the massive 2020 breach of US agencies via SolarWinds software, showcasing their persistent threat.

US officials link these cyber attacks to Russia's foreign intelligence, although Russia denies involvement.

Despite past exposures, Russian hackers continue targeting global tech firms for espionage, posing an ongoing security challenge.

Despite the breach, Microsoft confirms no customer-facing systems have been compromised, maintaining user trust in their security measures.

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