By Mahima December 27, 2023

New Types of Jobs Created by AI

Artificial Intelligence means intellectual ability developed artificially. A computer system or robotic system is created, which is tried to run on the basis of the same logic on which the human brain works.


To make a career in Artificial Intelligence field, it is necessary to pass 12th from Science stream and be a graduate in Data Science, Computer Science and Engineering subjects. 

AI operators do

Evaluate, implement, and manage AI tools and solutions tailored to company needs. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas of improvement and implement AI-powered solutions.

Sentiment analyzer

It help in using generative AI to interpret posts, posts, ratings, blogs and to understand customers’ sentiment.

Content Creator

Generative AI depends on the content that is currently available. In future, there will be an unlimited demand for these kind of writers and influencers who can provide compelling.

AI-Generated Work Auditor

While AI is still in its infancy most security professionals equipped to use such AI tools, and they increase efficiency.

AI Prediction Analyst

AI is likely to see democratize high-fidelity prediction while it simultaneously driving cost down significantly.

AI Input And Output Manager

We have already begun to show people who are excel at writing prompts. From today’s AI products, but that is the short-term role.

AI Integration Specialist

In future, we might see emergence of AI integration specialist role. These professionals will be used in organizations smoothly adopt of AI technology.