Microsoft Launches These AI Tools In 2023

By Mahima january 04, 2023

Microsoft has launches some special ai tools featues in pervious year 2023 for you, Lets recall and know about them in details.


This is also a chatbot. With this you can not only ask any question but can also create pictures.

Copilot App:

Microsoft has launched Copilot app for Android users. This app provides free access to GPT-4.

MS Office 365: 

AI feature has been added to everything from PowerPoint to MS Word, MS Excel etc. This not only helps in creating a new design but also helps a lot in the content.

Microsoft Azure: 

It is a cloud based AI service. It is very useful for things like computing, storage, data management. 

It also helps in voice recognition, face recognition, translating text, writing image captions etc. This is the preparation for next year, many things will be launchedxt

windows 12

Microsoft will launch Windows 12 next year. This window will be equipped with AI.

Microsoft is working together with Intel and AMD to implement this AI-based feature.

surface laptop

Microsoft will launch the upcoming Surface laptop with many special AI features.