List Of Jobs Most Likely To Be Taken Over By AI

By Mahima January 22, 2024

Experts say ChatGPT and related AI could threaten some jobs, especially white-collar jobs.

Technical jobs

Coding and computer programming are the most in-demand skills, but it is possible that ChatGPT and dome AI tools could replace the need for manual impact shortly.

Media Jobs

Analyzing and interpreting massive amounts of language-based data and information is a skill you would expect generative AI technologies to increase

legal industry jobs

Jobs like paralegals and legal assistants in the legal industry are responsible for consuming large amounts of information then making it digestible through a legal brief or opinion.

Market Research Analyst

AI is good at analyzing data and predicting outcomes. This is why market research analysts can be sensitive to AI-driven change.

Teacher's Jobs

Although it has bugs and inaccuracies in terms of knowledge, it can be easily improved." "Basically, you only need to train ChatGPT

finance jobs

financial analysts, personal financial advisors and other jobs in personal finance that require manipulation of significant amounts of numerical data may be impacted by AI.


At an investment bank, people are hired right out of college, and spend two, three years working like robots and doing Excel modeling — you can get AI to do that

 graphic designer

The three professors pointed to DALL-E, an AI tool that can generate images in seconds, as a potential disruptor of the graphic design industry.