Learn Business Mastery with these 9 AI tools.

By Rickey November 30, 2023

AI tools are automated solutions using algorithms for data analysis, automation, personalization, prediction, and optimization in business.

Optimize productivity using Generative AI for swift task completion

1. Copy.ai

Jasper serves as an AI copilot, aiming for enhanced results rather than mere speed for marketing teams.

2. Jasper

Utilize Looka's AI-driven platform to craft a logo and establish a brand you adore.

3. looka

The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.

4. Browse AI

MidJourney uses text prompts to generate captivating images.

5. Midjourney

Realistically and consistently synthesize new videos with nothing but text.

6. Runway

An encompassing AI extension for Writing, Summarizing, Coding, and Interactive experiences.

7. Merlin

Introducing generative AI presentation software for the workplace.

8. Beautiful

It consolidates writing, recording, transcribing, editing, collaboration, and sharing for your videos and podcasts.

8. Descript