How to Use WPS AI for Book Writing

By Mahima January 05, 2024

WPS AI is a powerful AI book writer that can help you with various aspects of book writing, including idea generation, outlining, and proofreading. 

Step 1: Create an outline

Provide WPS AI with the general theme, style, genre, and main message of your book. Let WPS AI create an outline to start your writing process.

Step 2: Time to Write the Book

Now refine your generated content then add detailed information to enrich your book like:

Review and revise: Take a careful look at what you have written so far. Fix any mistakes, clarify them, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Add more information: Here Think about what more you can include for making your book more interesting. Adding, stories, or research it to provide it in more depth and make it more engaging.

Develop your characters and plot: Time-getting will help you to know your characters in better ways. Give them goals, challenges and personalities that will captivate readers. 

 Keep it simple: Make sure that your writing is easy to understand for readers. Avoid using complex words or sentences that may confuse them. Write it in a way that everyone can enjoy and follow your story.

Step 3: Edit and Improve

Brush up on your writing, make any necessary edits, and ensure that your book is error-free and consistent, such as:

Grammar and Spelling Review: Use WPS AI's grammar and spelling check to identify and fix any errors in your manuscript. 

Check for uniformity and consistency: Make sure there is complete consistency throughout your book. WPS AI can help you identify inconsistencies in character names, locations, or plot points.

Verify factual accuracy: If your book contains factual information, WPS AI can help you fact-check and verify the accuracy of the content.

Step 4: Publish your work

Explore publishing options here to share your book with the world.