How To Become An Artificial Intelligence Engineer? 

By Mahima December 12 2023 

The ever-evolving field of technology is full of exciting and innovative career opportunities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineering is an industry that is growing rapidly in the world. 

This can provide you with new challenges and exciting opportunities for professional growth. In this article, we will examine how to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

Higher Secondary School

When figuring out how to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, the first step is to graduate from high school with a focus on science subjects like physics, chemistry, or mathematics. 

Optional Subjects

You can also choose Statistics as one of your main subjects. Graduating from school with science subjects can give you a good knowledge base for your further studies.

Bachelor's Degree

You can either choose a four-year engineering course like B.Tech in AI, or a three-year course. B.Sc. and engineering degree in IT or Computer Science.


You may need to qualify JEE to get admission in top engineering colleges like NIT , IIT and IIIT , Hyderabad.

Get a Master's Degree

Although it is not always necessary, earning a master's degree in a related field can help you develop your skill set, improve your employability for AI engineering positions, and increase your earning potential. 

Obtaining Certificate

A more cost-effective way to improve your skills is to do AI-related certification courses or diploma courses. You can go for an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma in AI and Machine Learning. 

Apply for jobs

After gaining enough experience in the field, you can start applying for jobs in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. 

TitleJob Profile 3

There are many job profiles in this field like data scientist, AI specialist, machine learning engineer, robotics engineer and data analyst.