How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence?

By Mahima December 16, 2023

Training is an important process in all machine learning processes. In which a large amount of data is collected in a computer program.

These instructions could be something like this – find all the pictures with faces or classify these sounds.

The program then looks for patterns in the available information to complete the given task.

Some clues may be needed to reach a conclusion – like it's not a face or these two voices are completely different – but the information the program gleans from the data and the clues it provides. 

Together they create an AI model and after determining the capabilities of this model, the training process ends.

One way to understand how the training process can produce different types of AI models is to consider different animals.

AI model can create millions of things with the help of its training data. The more times the model completes training cycles, the more it will evolve and create unique AI models.

Chatbots are like parrots. Parrots can imitate us and repeat words they hear with some understanding without understanding the full context.

Chatbots do the same, but with much better understanding. They have evolved to the point of changing our relationship with the written word.

 Chatbots are a type of AI known as large language models (LLM). They have been trained with huge amounts of text content.

Such a model is capable of thinking not only in words but also in sentences.