How does AI learn on its own?

By Mahima December 19, 2023

 Supervised training is a good training method. But recent major breakthroughs in AI have been achieved using unsupervised training methods.

Simply put, given complex algorithms and huge databases, AI learns on its own without any human intervention.

There is such a huge amount of content and books available on the Internet that within a few months ChatGPT has learned to understand the usage and meaning of words on its own. 

ChatGPT may be the most familiar example of this. However, there is still scope for modification by humans.

ChatGPT analyzes words in a similar way, examining all possibilities to build a massive statistical model of words and their meanings.

It extracts meaning from it and makes a new sentence from it. AI models have highly efficient computing power.

Using this it reads individual words, groups of words, usage in sentences and usage in different contexts on different pages all this in seconds.

Last year, the world of AI has taken a big leap thanks to the learning model. 

This sparked a new wave of excitement and concern about the potential of artificial intelligence. There are no signs of reduction in this yet.

AI models are beginning to demonstrate surprising capabilities. It is not in the control of humans.