Google: There are many free AI courses

By Mahima january 04, 2024

Large Language Models

By doing this course you can create a platform like ChatGPT. In this course it is also taught how platforms like ChatGPT create content and images. 

By doing this course you can prepare articles on any topic. Any content can be translated into another language. Long assignments or projects can be completed in minutes. 

In this course it is also taught how you can get control over the output with the help of prompt tuning.

Image Generator

By doing this course, you can learn to generate any type of photo with the help of AI. You can also learn how to convert low resolution photos to high resolution. 

By doing this course you can not only learn to design someone's face but can also create landscape images. 

During the course, training is also given to make sketches, images, cartoons etc. based on text prompts. Course Duration: 8 hours

Amazon: Scholarship along with free course

Amazon also offers Generative AI learning course which is completely free. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Scholarship is also being offered by the company.


Microsoft has launched a Generative Artificial Intelligence training course in collaboration with LinkedIn. This course is free. In this, concepts related to AI will be explained to the users. 

After completing the course, a certificate will be given which can be used to get a job. Apart from AI, certificate courses for other courses are also available.