Google Feature Will Protect You From Fraud Messages

By Mahima December 20, 2023

Whether you are working in office or sitting at home, messages and calls coming from unknown numbers often distract your attention. 

Many of these calls and messages are spam, which are made to defraud people. If you are also troubled by spam messages, then a feature of Google can help you.

Google's Android smartphones have a spam filter feature, with the help of which you can automatically block spam messages.

If you are troubled by spam messages, you can get rid of it by turning on spam protection in the Google Messages app. 

This feature automatically scans all the messages coming to your phone and blocks spam messages.

What to do to turn on spam protection

On your Android smartphone, open the Google Messages app. Tap to your profile photo in upper-right corner.

Tap on 'Settings'.Tap on 'Spam Protection'. Tap 'Turn on Spam Protection'.

The Google Messages app uses an AI-based model to filter spam messages. This model identifies spam messages based on message content, number center and other factors.

Google also provides spam filter feature for calling in its Android smartphones. This feature automatically scans all incoming calls on your phone and blocks spam calls.