Google Chrome's new AI feature

By Mahima December 30, 2023

Google is adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its different products to improve the user experience.

 These days the company is working on a text generating AI feature for Google Chrome web browser, which is named 'Help Me Write'.

With the help of this feature, users can write text on many platforms including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Keep, saving their time.

 Features of 'Help Me Write' feature

This AI text generation feature will help users write content in different formats.

By using this, users can shorten a big article and can also enlarge a small article.

This feature will be available only for Chromebook Plus devices once it rolls out.

The company may roll it out for Chromebook Plus users in early 2024.

How to use 'Help Me Write' AI feature in Gmail?

To use the Help Me Write feature in Gmail, click the pencil and star icon visible on the screen while composing a new email.

Now enter the type of email prompt you want to write and click the 'Create' button.

After this you will get the email written in draft form. click on the 'Insert' or 'Refine' button and send the changes after making them.