Elon Musk demanded 25% stake in Tesla as price for AI work

By Mahima January 17, 2024

Elon Musk

Elon Musk the chief executive of the electric car company Tesla announced that he will "build a product outside Tesla" unless the board raises his stake upto 25 percent.

Stunning Demand

Must say that if they want him to continue this developing product which is based on Artificial Intelligence then they have to give him the share which is around $80 billion

Wanted 25% share

He also claims that the current structure makes Tesla more vulnerable to "takeover by questionable interests" and now he wants more control over its direction.

Artificial Intelligence

Mr Musk said that he was particularly concerned about Tesla's investments in artificial intelligence features.

25% voting control

In One of the X post he wrote that "I am uncomfortable with Tesla being a leader in AI and robotics without 25% voting control,"

Pursue Unspecified Ventures Outside

He strictly added that, "Until that happens, I would love to make products outside of Tesla."

Developing AI Humanoid

Electric cars Tesla is developing an AI humanoid robot which is called optimus. which generates self-driving technology.

Stock Valuation

The stock valuation of the company is around $700 billion which is twice as much as Toyota and other world's largest automakers.

Advance Automation

Investors are also saying that this advance automation will allow Tesla to manufacture cars which are more efficient and profitable than other rivals.