Elevate Your Life with 6 Free Harvard Courses in 2024!

Published by Ricky

Transform your life in 2024 with six free courses from Harvard on self-improvement, AI, and leadership. Start learning from a top institution today.

1. Introduction to AI with Python

Intro course: apply machine learning in Python for AI basics.

2. Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

Mobilize people to tackle tough problems and build the capacity to thrive through the dangers of change

3. The Path to Happiness

Discover the relevance of Confucius, questioning assumptions about happiness, meaningful life, and global impact.

4. Building Personal Resilience

Learn resilience skills with Harvard Medical School's Dr. Luana Marques in applied psychology.

5. Negotiating Salary

Acquire salary negotiation skills in a free 15-minute lesson from Harvard Business School.

6. Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Discover what makes your brain tick in this third course in our introductory series in neuroscience.