Discover 5 You tube Channels for ChatGPT and AI Mastery

By Rickey  November 27, 2023

With AI's global fascination growing, learning ChatGPT through accessible YouTube channels advances knowledge dissemination.

OpenAI's YouTube is a treasure trove of ChatGPT details, showcasing research, demos, and expert insights.

1. OpenAI

 It offers in-depth, beginner-friendly tutorials covering AI, including ChatGPT, with practical demonstrations.

2. Sentdex

Offers concise insights on AI research, particularly ChatGPT, aiding understanding of latest NLP advancements.

3. Two Minute Papers

Delivers deep AI tutorials, emphasizing practicality through coding exercises for hands-on ChatGPT comprehension.

4. CodeEmporium

A deep learning pioneer occasionally shares broader AI insights, offering context for models like ChatGPT.

5. Yann LeCun