Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

By Mahima December 28, 2023

Threat of loss of jobs: 

AI has the potential to automate traditionally performed tasks, which may lead to job losses and unemployment in some industries. 

For example, if chatbots created for customer support are 100% successful, then companies will stop hiring for them. Similar danger exists with many other jobs also.

People involved in filming and graphic designing will be at greatest risk, because AI is being used rapidly in this field and its results are also surprising.

Bias and Fairness: 

The biases present in the data on which the AI system is trained can also remain with it, which can have discriminatory results. 

If not carefully designed and monitored, AI algorithms can reinforce social inequalities and biases, which can impact AI's decision making.

Where human values and emotions are concerned, there is a high possibility of harm due to AI's decisions.t

Threat to personal security 

While on one hand AI can prove helpful for personal security, on the other hand this system can also harm personal security. 

 Because the entire AI system will be dependent on data, it may have a negative impact on the privacy of all people using the Internet.

AI will not have human emotions, so using it in such cases can prove fatal. Also, relying too much on it can also be harmful. This can make a person lazy, which can affect the coming generations.