Check whether Aadhaar is genuine or not

By Mahima December 25, 2023

In today's time, Aadhaar card can be used for everyone's identity. It is also used as an identity card across the country.

 If you are willing to buy SIM card or open a bank account then adhar card is needed everywhere. But do you know that your Aadhaar can also be fake? 

If not… then kindly be alert and you can identify it while using your phone at home only by following the steps given below.

To avoid fraud, you can check your Aadhar card immediately and on your phone. 

There are two ways to do this. The first method is QR code scanner and the second is UIDAI site.

You might have noticed it that there is a QR Code Scanner on right side of your Aadhaar Cards. On scanning the QR Code,  details mentioned on Aadhaar will be visible.

You scan the QR code of Aadhaar card with any QR Code Scanner or Google Lens app.

If the QR Code is not working or details shown after scanning the code is not matching with the details mentioned on the Aadhar Card, then it means that something is wrong. 

You can also verify from UIDAI site

If you are not able to get the information through QR Code, then you can verify the Aadhaar card by visiting the UIDAI site. (

After this, enter your Aadhaar number then captcha there and submit. you will see the correct age, last three digits of the mobile number, gender and your state of the Aadhar card holder.