ChatGPT: Threat or a positive shift in education

By Mahima December 20, 2023

The student-teacher ratio allows for a more personalized learning experience. It also provides teachers more time and resources to meet the specific needs of each student

Rise of AI Chatbots

The rise of Generative AI and the emergence of chatbots like ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Microsoft's Bing and others has emerged as a boon for teachers.

Administrative tasks of teachers include writing standard letters to parents and students, keeping and filing various records; Involves preparing analysis of test results, etc.

Here comes the need for automation or tools like ChatGPT, which can fulfill a lot of administrative jobs of teachers.

 A tool for students too

Sadly, ChatGPT has had a very poor reception among students – it has been linked to plagiarism.

The use of AI-based chatbots was opposed by the faculty and teachers and they strongly demanded a ban on generative AI technology in all schools and colleges.

However, a lot has changed in the last few months, and now this platform is being used by them in a more productive manner.

Furthermore, students benefit from ChatGPT for translation assistance, enhancing English writing skills and improving conversation practice.

Fill in s There is further development of open-source large language models, such as Meta's LLaMA and Llama 2, which are being used to create very specific types of chatbots in educational and other fields.ome text

Research area

Chatbots also have great use in the research field, which will help in creating research mindset among the students.