Can we talk to AI?

By Mahima December 18,2023

Voice Recognition 

If you use Alexa, Siri or any other voice recognition system, then you are using AI.

When you speak, AI records your voice and then removes background noise. 

After this, it converts your words into phonetic units and matches them with the library of sounds of the respective language.

Your voice is then converted into text to correct any listening errors before you respond.

Natural Linguistic Process

This type of artificial intelligence is called natural linguistic process.

This technology is behind everything, from you saying yes to confirming a phone-banking transaction, to the weather forecast & city you're about to travel to.

Does AI understand photos?

Such programs are trained after showing them a large number of images. These photos are accompanied by few descriptions.

If you give the AI a task to do image recognition with a lot of labeled images of bicycles, the program will know what a bicycle looks like.

Sometimes AI is even trained to detect subtle differences in similar photos.

Facial Recognition

This is how facial recognition technology works. Your face and your posture are unique. 

By using these types of algorithms, AI helps in understanding medical scans.

This program can identify and diagnose life-threatening tumors by viewing thousands of scans at the same time.