Benefits from AI In Upcoming Generation

By Mahima january 13, 2024

If we say Artificial Intelligence in simple words, then it is a machine made by man in which a brain is found like that of a human being, which can think and work like a human being. This machine is prepared in this way.

Big companies are making modern cars on the basis of Artificial Intelligence which will be driverless and will run automatically using AI technology.

By using AI we can have machines work 24×7 without any break and they cannot get bored or tired unlike humans.

With the help of AI, errors are reduced by AI machines as compared to errors caused by humans and there is a possibility of giving more and more accurate information.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, destruction of environment and climate change can be predicted and prevented.

Artificial Intelligence can be used effectively in any kind of natural or man-made physical damage or disasters.

Image-based AI can help doctors to treat their patients better by diagnosis and health care services will be better in diagnostics.

Through this, excellent work can be done in the fields of communication, defence, health etc. Road accidents can also be avoided by using Artificial Intelligence.

Apple's Siri, Windows' Cortana, Google's OK Google and other everyday applications are often used in our daily routine, whether it is searching for places, working online, making phone calls, responding to emails and many more. Artificial Intelligence is used for.