Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Consider in 2024

By Mahima December 12 2023

AI Research Scientist

AI research scientists develop technology and infrastructure to harness the power of AI in many industries, from health care to financial services. 

Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers help AI-powered tools “see” like a human. 

Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning is the kind of machine learning that helps to deals with artificial neural networks.

BI Developer

Business intelligence (BI) developers help bridge the gap between AI data and those who work with it, including product managers, analysts, and executives. 

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers helps in using tools like automation and AI which helo to develop robotic systems.

NLP Engineer

Natural language processing engineers used to design NLP processing systems. 

Data Engineer

Data engineers used to develop, build, and test data storage in architectures.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers help to use data and algorithms to enhance the AI tools. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists used to collect, organize, and analyze data as used in AI. They also help in label data to help improve generative AI for the future. 

software Engineer

Software engineers works as a software development to create new products with the help of AI pipeline, from new and improved chatbots apps.