AI Voice Scam: know what is Artificial Intelligence Voice Fraud

By Mahima December 26, 2023December 26, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular terms from 2023. From Gemini Eye, ChatGPT Bard and etc has made Artificial Intelligence more accessible. 

 Now the use of AI is increasing every day and very fastly in every sector. we are coming into contact with it.

On one hand, many things are becoming easier with AI, the speed of work has increased, on the other hand, risks have also increased in the same proportion.

continuously emerging cases

For some time from now, one risk has been repeatedly, which is AI voice scam. Many cases of AI voice scam has reveal in the past. 

 A case came in light from Lucknow also. In the latest case  a person use  AI voice scam and cheated of Rs 45 thousand. Before that, a case of fraud with a woman had come in light.

 lime applied in this way

It is important to know what is AI voice scam. For example, if you look at Lucknow case, the victim was called by a cyber criminal as a name of his relative. 

With the help of AI Voice froud, the criminal called the person in the voice of his family member. He told that victim that he had to send 90 thousand to someone, but the payment was failing. 

The victim sent the money to his givennumber. Thankfully, some payments has failed and he lost only Rs 44,500 instead of Rs 90,000.

Video call scams are happening a lot

Here, criminals uses deepfake and artificial intelligence (AI) to make a video calls to people pretending to be their acquaintances and get payment on some pretext or the other. 

Technology erased the line

Now the most important thing is protecting yourself from AI voice scams, deepfake video scams and etc. 

For this you needed to be very careful, because technologies like Artificial intelligent AI and deepfake have erased the line between real and fake.