AI Predict Death: Shocking revelation in research

By Mahima December 22, 2023

Death, life's biggest mystery, has perplexed humans for centuries. When, how and where? These questions arise in everyone's mind, but till now we only had uncertainty and many beliefs.

A new research has revealed some surprising findings on this issue, let's find out what has been revealed.


Scientists have done a unique research. In this they analyzed the hospital records of approximately 3.4 million Danish citizens above the age of 47. 

What did the research reveal?

This data included information such as people's age, health records, lifestyle and socio-economic status. The AI then learned this data and created a model to estimate the probability of people dying.

Researchers say the AI model can predict the probability of death more accurately than existing methods. For example, it can more accurately predict a person's chance of dying within 4 years by 11%.

This research has been published in Nature Computational Science Journal on Tuesday. In this, researchers collected data of 6 million Danes between 2008 and 2020. 

This data was used for purposes like health status and education. In this, researchers analyzed between 35 to 65 ages. It also contained some data of people who died between 2016 and 2020.

How does AI work?

AI specializes in finding patterns in data. In this research, AI found patterns in people's lifestyle, health records and other factors that were associated with their lifespan. 

Important role of lifestyle

The research found that the AI model included not only medical records but also lifestyle data in evaluating the risk of death. This included factors such as level of smoking habits, alcohol consumption and amount of exercise. 

ethical questions raised

Although this research has revealed the ability of AI in predicting death, it has also raised many ethical questions. 

What is the way of the future?

It is certain that AI is revolutionizing the medical field. There are many possibilities in the future of this research related to prediction of death.