After ChatGPT, Open AI is now working on this special device

By Mahima December 30, 2023

A news came from Apple that another executive of the company has left the job. Actually, Tang Tan was part of the design team of iPhone and smartwatch at Apple. 

 Everyone is excited with the news of where Tang is going after leaving the job. Actually, Tang is going to join Jony Ive, who runs LoveFrom, who is an ex-employee of Apple. 

Some time ago the news came out that Jony Ive and his company are working on an AI device which can bring a big revolution in the future. LoveFrom is backed by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

Jony Ive, who runs LoveFrom, worked with Apple for 27 years and created many designs for the company. In 2019, Jony Ive left his job and started working with different companies. Currently his latest client is Open AI.

This special device remains open AI

According to the report, all three of the LoveFrom company are working together on a new device which can bring a revolution in the smartphone and computer market. 

It is being said that LoveFrom is working on an AI smartphone which will completely change the mobile experience in the coming times. However, no official information is available in this regard yet.

According to the report, Jony Ive has prepared a team of about 20 people and they can present their device any time in the new year. It may not be a smartphone but it will definitely be an AI device.

Open AI CEO Sam Altman has already started working on future smartphones. He has made a big investment in the recently launched HumaneAI Pin. This device is different from mobile and works in a special way