8 Useful AI tools of Google  see how they work

By Mahima December 27, 2023

 Google Labs highlights the various capabilities of generative AI technology. Here are some of the most useful AI tools from the tech giant.

Summarize web results using AI

Google now allows users to get instant search results powered by generative AI, This Ai Tool automatically curates and summarizes information related to the search.


NotebookLM is Google's personalized AI that helps users write. It enables users to quickly create a draft on the specific topic and suggest ideas to solve writer's block.


MusicFX is currently an invite AI-powered music creation service that can create music instantly with simple text prompts.

say what you see

Say What You See is a fun generic AI game where the user has to guess the signal used to generate an image. 

A couple ai

Duet AI adds generative AI capabilities for the existence of Google products like Gmail, Docs, and Slides.

 help me script

Help Me Script is an AI-powered computer code generator tool for tasks like home automation. 

 magic editor

It is available with the Google Photos app. Magic Editor also offers easy-to-use AI-powered photo and the video editing tools. 

 magical musician

This feature will help you draft the perfect text message every time you want to send something to someone.