8 Google Employees made big AI leap.

Published by Rickey 21 Mar 2024

Eight Google employees accidentally met, became fascinated by an idea, and authored the 'Transformers' paper, marking it as the most significant technological advancement in recent memory: the birth of modern AI.

Noam Shazeer CEO and Co-Founder, Character.AI

Character.AI's co-founder and CEO, lets users chat with AI replicas of notable figures, from Queen Elizabeth to Frodo. An AI Noam now explains his creation.

Llion Jones CEO and Co-Founder,  Sakana AI

He left Google to co-found Sakana AI in Tokyo with David Ha, after co-authoring a transformative machine learning paper that inspired generative AIs like ChatGPT.

Jakob Uszkoreit CEO and Co-Founder,  Inceptive

He helped create Transformers for AI like ChatGPT, moved to biotech, starting Inceptive. It got $100 million from big names, he told VentureBeat.

Illia Polosukhin Co-Founder of Near

After helping with a big discovery at Google, Polosukhin founded NEAR to make Web3 apps, aiming for a more shared and less big-company-controlled internet.

Ashish Vaswani Co-Founder and CEO of  Essential AI.

A  pioneer in AI and NLP, co-authored the groundbreaking "Attention Is All You Need" paper, laying the groundwork for ChatGPT and co-founded Adept AI Labs.

Niki Parmar Co-Founder of  Essential AI.

She was once part of Google Brain, explores new deep learning methods and applies generative models to tasks in machine learning, image creation, and language modeling.

Aidan Gomez Co-Founder  and CEO of  Cohere.

A British-Canadian AI expert specializing in natural language processing, co-founded Cohere, where he serves as CEO, advancing technology in the AI sector.