2024's Top 9 Gen AI Libraries

By Rickey December 7, 2023

Gen AI Libraries Explained

AI's Creative Foundation, Streamlining Development, and Democratizing Advanced Capabilities for Diverse Applications.

1. Open AI

OpenAI's Transformative GenAI API: Streamlining Workflows, Enhancing Performance, Ensuring Safety, and Advancing General-Purpose AI.

2. Scikit-learn

It’s a Python library, is open source and commercially viable, supporting supervised and unsupervised  ML, classification, regression, and more.

3. PandasAI

Transforms Data Analysis with Generative AI, Revolutionizing GenAI Professionals' Workflows and Productivity.

4. Keras

An open-source high-level neural networks API, operates atop TensorFlow or other frameworks, offering user-friendly simplicity and ease of learning.

5. HuggingFace

A Game-Changing Toolkit for GenAI Pros, Democratizing NLP with 20,000+ Models and Compatibility.

6. Pytorch

Deep Learning Powerhouse for GenAI Professionals, Optimized for GPUs and CPUs, Favored by AI Research Community.

7. LangChain

This is a rising framework for (LLMs), enables developers to create applications with model I/O, data connections, and more.

8. TensorFlow

Vital Tool for GenAI Pros, Streamlines Tasks, Offers Abstractions, and Facilitates Deployment and Model Building.

9. OpenNN

Offers a suite of AI tools, including text-to-speech and image generation, with user-friendly access to GPT language models.