10 Ways How AI Can Used At Homes

By Mahima January 20, 2024


Fill in some teThe role of AI is increasing in daily life. Today every company wants to use AI tools. In such a situation, today let us see how AI can be used at home.xt

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Home Robot

These are small AI robots designed to entertain children and patrol the home. They use AI technology to complete tasks.

Security cameras

Security cameras that use AI technology differ from normal cameras because of facial recognition.

AI Television

Televisions can use AI to replace the remote controller, with some new televisions having virtual assistant technology similar to home appliances.

Smart Home Devices

These home appliances use AI technologies to answer questions, complete tasks, and interact with humans.

Smart Locks

Smart lock is a new invention in the security industry. Using the application users can grant or take away access to the digital key, unlike a standard home key it cannot be stolen or copied.

Smart Thermostat and Meter

These AI systems help customers analyze their energy and gas consumption. This reduces the amount of wasted energy, which saves customers money and also helps the environment.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums use AI to power Hoover technological advancements. These devices can be programmed to complete cleaning tasks and navigate routes around the home.

AI Cooking

Smart appliances are already making their way into home kitchens. These new AI devices are mainly being used to prepare food and drinks at certain times, such as coffee machines.

Fitness Mirror

Mirrors using AI technology are able to monitor users' health in real time, with health care professionals able to access these and use the data to assess a patient's risk of injury or disease.

Virtual Reality

This technology uses AI software to simulate real or imaginary environments. Virtual reality technology is used not only for gaming but also for education purposes.