10 AI Startups Founded by Visionary Women

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Women lead AI startup innovation. In 2023, 45% of Indian startups, notably in AI, are women-led, overcoming challenges like funding and bias, and inspiring future female entrepreneurs with innovative solutions.

Founded in 2021 by Goenka, Goel, Sahajanandan, and Khade, Spark Studio offers kids extracurricular online classes, enhanced by AI mascot Sparky.

1. Spark Studio

GoCodeo, founded by Meghana Jagadeesh and Jatin Garg, uses AI for software testing, serving 12,000 developers globally, and joined Google's accelerator program.

2. GoCodeo

At 16, Pranjali Awasthi founded Delv.AI to simplify data search using AI, inspired by a ChatGPT-3 beta internship, now valued at $12 million.

3. Delv AI

Trisha Chatterji and Aridni Shah's ImmunitoAI, merging AI with biology for drug development, accelerates antibody discovery, supported by Google and Entrepreneur First.

4. Immunito AI

Prukalpa Sankar's Atlan, centralizes data management like GitHub for engineering, recognized as a 'Cool Vendor' in DataOps by Gartner for innovation.

5. Atlan

Rajoshi Ghosh and Tanmai Gopal's Hasura, streamlining API creation via GraphQL, secured $136.5M across four rounds, marking Ghosh's seventh entrepreneurial venture.

6. Hasura

Sophiya Jagannathan and Mukul Ingle's MetaShop, born from a pandemic furniture shopping challenge, democratizes 3D model creation from photos or videos.

7. Metashop

Laina Emmanuel and Rimjhim Agrawal's BrainSight AI, merging neuroscience and AI, enhances brain health analysis and patient recovery, showcasing interdisciplinary innovation.

8. BrainSight AI

Anita Kulkarni Puranik's Metamagics, inspired by personal transplant experience, leverages data analytics to enhance transplant care via GridSense, optimizing clinical decisions and outcomes.

9. Metamagics

Meenakshi Vashist's TekUncorked enhances power grids with IoT, focusing on renewable integration and efficiency, and won UN-Habitat’s Katowice Challenge 2022 for climate tech innovation.

10. TekUncorked

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